Behind the scenes in Australian Life Insurance claims management white paper

In October 2019, SuperFriend launched a new white paper titled Behind the scenes in Australian Life Insurance claims management, as part of our commitment to looking after the mental health and wellbeing of people working in the world of insurance claims management.

Our driving objective for this work was to deeply understand the day-to-day challenges, experiences and environmental factors faced by claims staff, particularly those working with the person on claim. We collected over 30 hours of qualitative research insights from claims teams at two insurers and two reinsurers using a human-centred design approach. This informed our findings and recommendations to effect positive change within the workplaces of our Partners and their members, and across the wider insurance claims industry.

The paper highlighted several approaches found to result in better outcomes for people on claim and claims workers, including:

  • Adopting a person-centred approach to claims management where possible
  • Balancing the need to achieve appropriate business targets with the crucial need to support holistic recovery
  • Achieving and recording incremental positive improvements for the person on claim’s quality of life, and
  • Harnessing the expertise of claims workers demonstrating best practice, and equipping them to mentor their colleagues.

The report details a number of further key findings and recommendations that SuperFriend believes will be useful for the industry to implement, resulting in improved outcomes for the person on claim and claims staff.

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